PS5 Backwards Compatibility Rumors: ‘Why Would Anybody Play This?’ Says Sony

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The PS5 might not have backwards compatibility. [Image from PlayStation]

The PS4 is on a roll, dominating the console wars with plenty of quality titles and exclusive games. While fans appreciate the current iteration of the system, some fans are wondering when we will see the PS5. More importantly, fans want to know how much backwards compatibility it could have compared to the previous console generations.

However, during an interview with TIME, it feels like the company isn’t particularly fond of the backwards compatibility feature. Despite the presence of PlayStation Now service and the amount of PS2-on-PS4 games, Sony’s global sales chief said it’s a feature that is asked for, yet never used. To drive the point home even further, the representative brought up how dated the older Gran Turismo games look and asked “why would anyone want to play this?”

Backwards Benefits

While the future of the inevitable PS5 is unknown, backwards compatibility is a feature fans really want to see. Many of them were disappointed when the PS4 had no backwards compatibility at all, something Microsoft took full advantage of. Currently, the Xbox One is home to a ton of great Xbox 360 games, including Red Dead Redemption.

Sony might still be ahead, but Xbox One owners easily have a wealth of older games to play due to backwards compatibility. It has let players replay some of their favorite titles, including the older Gears of War games and more. Games such as Black Ops 2 and Red Dead Redemption also had a surge in sales after they become backwards-compatible. The PS4 might let fans replay PS3 games via the PlayStation Now service, but the service is too pricey for some, especially if they still own these games.

Gameplay Matters

The older games might not hold up visually, but it’s the gameplay that help certain titles keep their novelty. Super Mario Bros is just as fun now as it was in the NES days, proving that graphics aren’t everything. Fans could argue that the PS5 doesn’t need backwards compatibility to be a success, but it would generate more interest.

Granted, the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4 was out of Sony’s control, due to the complicated design choices of the PS3. Many gamers felt that the Xbox 360 “won” that war, even though the PS3 had a longer shelf life. Still, considering the amount of hits on the PS4 available, it would be a shame to not get an opportunity to play them on a shiny new console.

Fans can currently buy a PS4 or PS4 Pro from any retail or Sony stores. Quality titles for the console include Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nioh and much more.

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