PS4 Xbox One Cross Play: Sony Explains Why It Will Not Happen Soon

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PS4 Xbox One Cross Play

Microsoft is planning to unite the console gaming world through cross play. Having a PS4 Xbox One cross play will enable gamers on both platforms to play with one another. Microsoft?s console competitor, Sony, has acknowledged the planned move and is reportedly open to discussions with Xbox One?s owners for such plan. However, making cross play compatibility for PS4 and Xbox One is more complicated according to Sony.

New cross play feature will cost money

Currently, there?s no way for Xbox Live players to connect directly with Playstation Network players. This means that both Sony and Microsoft will have to spend money for the technology. The PS4 Xbox One cross play feature does sound promising for the growth of both console?s player base and the growing eSport scene, but somebody has to pay for the upgrades. It?s either the consoles will implement new features to accommodate cross play or the companies will entirely rehash the console network systems for a unified one that applies to everybody who joins it. This move will certainly cost money and could only materialize if the players show immense interest in the possible cross play system.

According to Eurogamer, Sony?s Shuhei Yoshida himself said that it?s ?complicated? to connect the two closed networks, Xbox Live and PSN. Yoshida claimed that while the technical aspect may be the easiest to deal with, policy and business issues must also be taken into consideration in such cross platform venture.

Sony may not want to share their user base lead

The concept of crossplay feature between mainstream gaming consoles may be awesome for players, but it might not be the best for business. Unless Microsoft and Sony find a profitable middle ground, Sony may just prefer to protect its current playerbase lead than risk giving chances for its competition to earn more than them. According to Forbes, Sony has confirmed the 35 million sales of PS4, while Microsoft has not announced any sales figures, which may imply that Xbox One has lower sales than PS4.

In hindsight, Microsoft?s plan definitely needs to be thoroughly explained to the players to convince them that ?crossplay to all platforms? will definitely happen. Nintendo, meanwhile, hasn?t even budged on the topic yet.

Without knowledge of further details, we can only be cynical about Microsoft?s plan. It could be that Microsoft is just legitimately concerned about uniting the console world, or the company simply wants to boost their Xbox One sales with the help of other gaming platforms. What do you think about the PS4 Xbox One cross play plan of Microsoft? Let us know in the comments section below.

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