PS4 To Be Sold In China Ahead of The Xbox One ?

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PS4 To Be Sold In China Ahead of The Xbox One?

Sony has announced plans to sell the PS 4 gaming console in China. This announcement comes a month later, after rival Microsoft talked about their intention to distribute their Xbox One console in one of the largest, if not the biggest, consumer market in the world.

No one was surprised when Sony recently revealed their plans to market their PS4 console in China. Their number one rival in the gaming console industry, Microsoft, announced similar intentions a month earlier, with respect to their Xbox One console.

Both companies are employing the same ?wise? strategy of partnering with a Chinese company, in providing distribution of the consoles, retail management of their software products, and even operational management of online services related to their respective gaming consoles.

The big winner, in the plans of both gaming giants, is the Shanghai Media Group, who owns both of the respective partners of Sony and Microsoft.

Microsoft is partnering with BesTV while Sony’s wingman in China is the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group. Both companies are subsidiaries of the Shanghai Media Group.

Estimates shared by Microsoft show that sales income from gaming (console, online, PC, mobile) can reach over US$ 13 billion dollars (as of 2013 data) from a market size of 500 million gamers.

Microsoft has been hoping that the enormous market in China would make up for the lagging sales of the Xbox One in the US and worldwide, but Sony is not going to let them carve the ?China pie? without taking a slice.

It has been widely reported that the PS4 is beating the sales / shipments of the Xbox One, and Microsoft is attributing this to Sony’s wider presence in the global market. It would seem that Sony is not allowing Microsoft to play catch up in that department, by having China all to themselves.

No exact date has been announced by Sony on when the PS4 will hit Chinese shores, but analysts from tech sites like CNET, opined that they would not be surprised if the PS4 landed in China much earlier than the scheduled September 2014 arrival of the Xbox One.

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