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PS4 System Software 4.0 Beta: What To Expect On The Next Firmware Update

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Today is a big day for Playstation 4 gamers especially the ones taking taking part in Sony?s beta testing program. Sony will be releasing the PS4 System Software 4.0 beta to its participants today.

In anticipation for this, TheBitBag has listed the new features that other users can expect when the beta testing ends.

Freshening up the user interface

The PS4?s user interface will receive a much needed update from Sony. Although not a major one, users can still expect new system backgrounds and a revised ?What?s New? tab. On top of this, Sony will also be introducing pop-up windows to the new user interface. Sony wants to introduce a few changes to the UI while still maintaining its overall look and feel.

Changes to the Quick Menu and Share Menu

On the current system, pressing and holding the PS button brings up the Quick Menu. For the beta, and eventually the new system software, the Quick Menu will now be integrated into a pop-up window. This removes the need to leave the gameplay every time you want to check your friends? online status. Users can also quickly access their Party and Communities as well as being able to customize the Quick Menu.

The Share Menu ?shares? the same improvements with the Quick Menu. This will also be integrated within a pop-up window. Users can record longer videos with the new user interface – from 10 seconds to 140 seconds.

PS4 System Software 4.0 Beta

Library and folder organization

In the new system software, users will be able to create folders directly from the content launcher and the Library. This will help gamers in organizing their downloaded games and applications. There will also be a new sorting filter. Users will soon be able to sort all their contents by date of purchase or install status.

Trophy and User profile improvements

Finally, the new user interface will sport an improved trophy and user profile. Players will soon be able to check their trophies even when they are offline. The user profile will have an option for adding a custom background.

These enhancements and modifications are just some of the early features available to the beta release. For sure, Sony will be adding more features to the PS4 System Software as the testing progresses.

For more updates on the Playstation 4, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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