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PS4 Stability Update Brings Disc Errors

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PS4 Stabi

The Playstation 4?Stability update remains to be a big problem for Sony and the latest PS4 2.55 firmware update which went live on July 1, 2015 as it is now causing more headaches than fixes. Worse, this stability?update is mandatory to download so you probably have it installed on your PS4 already.

Turning on the PS4 while in rest mode (aka standby mode) and pressing the disc eject button is said to cause a disc error problem, a report said. Turning on the system and switching discs will plague your experience with disc errors.

The problem however will surely not be widespread as rest mode is not used by everyone as it is just used by PS4 users just so they won?t need to re-open the opened applications of the PS4 and also to eliminate waiting time when?booting-up the console. ?Rest mode is also used by gamers who wish to save more electricity while downloading games or updates, and even to charge their controllers.

Users who were met by the problem became nervous as they thought their console or CD?s were broken. When you encounter the?problem with the stability update, you?can easily be resolve it by doing a full restart on the console. If you habitually use rest mode, this disc-error problem will surely frustrate you until the next stability update.

The PS4 disc error problem?does not happen with digital games, so gamers who do not use physical CDs will not encounter this problem.

Last year, a similar problem related to rest mode caused users problems when the PS4 firmware released its major 2.0 update which brought about Share Play, USB music player, sorting options for PS4?s game library, and more. This update prevented the console from reawakening when put in rest mode. If you were frustrated by the current disc-error, thinking about this might change your mind.

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