PS4 Slim: ?We’ve Got Our Strategy,? Says Sony

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PS4 Slim

Although Sony?s E3 2016 conference was only about games? reveal and release date announcements, Microsoft went on showcasing the future of Xbox. While Sony was mum regarding the PS4 NEO and a possible PS4 Slim during their conference, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio and the Xbox One S. Sony reacted to Microsoft?s hardware offering and said that it has its own strategy for the console and the company is happy with it.

Sony?s European president Jim Ryan said that he is not surprised by what Microsoft revealed at E3 this year. After hosting PlayStation E3 Showcase, Ryan discussed the upcoming console and the games the company is planning to bring this year and beyond. During an interview with VG24/7, Ryan talked about how the company feels about Microsoft?s consoles, and he said that speculations and discussions on the internet were ?well-grounded.? What Microsoft revealed reportedly didn?t surprise Sony much, as there was nothing particular which can be considered as a great surprise.

Ryan wished Microsoft luck. He, however, emphasized, that they have their own plan. ?We?ve got our strategy and we?ll pursue that,? he said.

It seems that Sony has no intent on making a PS4 Slim as the company said it is content with the aesthetics and specs of its console. ?We?re happy with the shape of the PS4 and what it does.? He assured fans that things are going really well with Sony?s ambitious projects.

It seems that both Sony and Microsoft will be compared again when it comes to their upcoming consoles. As Microsoft announced a slimmer version of its console at E3 called the Xbox One S, many are predicting that Sony will make a similar move by releasing a PS4 Slim. According to the company, they only wanted to talk about games at during their E3 2016 conference.

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