Sony PS4 Slim, PS4 Neo Release Date Rumors: To Be Showcased at The PlayStation Meeting Next Month?

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Sony PS4 Slim along with PS4 Neo are expected to be announced at the PlayStation meeting in September. After the release of Microsoft?s Xbox One S, the smaller version of Xbox One. It is now Sony?s turn to unveil their upcoming products.

Sony intends to introduce the new high-end PS4 alongside the new slimmer model of the old PS4 next month. However, Sony hasn?t made any official announcements of either a PS4 Neo or the PS4 Slim.

The new PS4 will be slimmer and sleeker version of the old PS4. It is said to be priced for only ?295 at the UK auction site, Gumtree. No one knows if the machine is legitimate. However, leaked images are compelling.

This model will be the direct replacement of the older version, it will directly compete with Microsoft?s Xbox One S.

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The Sony PS4 Slim looks smaller compared to the previous unit, the light across the top has also been removed in exchange for a much?simpler exterior. The bottom has the PlayStation symbol and uses the brand?s iconic shapes as a feet.

There is also unclear if the users will be able to swap the hard drives on this new version. However, images show that swapping may be a thing, there may be an HDD bay on the rear left of the console.

The slim model is expected to be cheaper than the original PS4. Other features like HDR or 4K video streaming that the Xbox One S has, are likely to be featured in the new PS4 as well. However, there is still no confirmed information of what the slim model actually does.

PlayStation VR will be also launched this year, Sony has a lot of new upcoming hardware this year. And it?s just a few months before 2016 ends, people will probably have to wait till September 7th for the full information on these devices.

On September 7th, Sony will have an event called the PlayStation Meeting. These new gaming consoles namely Sony PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo are likely to be announced there. The leaked image above is taken from an online auction Gumtree

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