PS4 Slim Leaks: Price, Size Comparison With Original PS4, And What We Know So Far

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PS4 Slim

Recently, ?PS4 Slim unit? image leaks surfaced online. The leak came with size comparisons with the regular PS4 unit out in the market, but its specs aren?t known yet. The slimmer version may also be different from Sony?s 4K-compatible console, PS4 NEO. Here?s what we know so far about the PS4 Slim leaks.

According to a NEOGAF thread, the PS4 Slim leak also shows the unit?s cords, packaging, and even its ports. While the unit looks like a standard package, we?ve yet to confirm if the slim version shown was actually functional. Additionally, Sony hasn?t officially announced or teased any new console versions other than the upcoming PS4 Neo. Sony even expressed no interest in making a PS4 Slim at E3.

As seen in the images, the slim unit is similar to the regular PS4 but with fewer edges. It even looks like an ice cream sandwich version of the console. The PS4 Slim box indicates that the unit only has 500GB, which is half the storage memory of the 1TB stock PS4 units. It?s possible that the slim version traded off bigger storage capacity for portability due to its smaller size.

Sony?s competitor, Microsoft, has also recently released the minimized but stronger Xbox One S for $399. Sony may opt to go cheaper than Microsoft?s console to compete with the PS4 Slim or reveal better specs to assert its spot near the Xbox One S.

With the PS4 Slim?s specs still unknown, buying this console might be underwhelming with the impending release of the PS4 Neo. Though the PS4 Neo does not have a solid release date yet, the improved specs and 4K graphics compatibility of Sony?s next PS4 may dwarf the use of a more portable console.

As the PS4 Slim leaks lack any definite information about the console?s specs, it?s also possible that this unit could be the PS4 Neo itself. The leak possibly holds the internal hardware of the vanilla PS4 or the new PS4 Neo. However, fans on the NEOGAF thread does not like the leaked console?s current appearance, so Sony may opt to take note of that for the console?s official release.

For now, fans should take this news with a grain of salt as the shown console may also just be a dummy gadget with zero PlayStation capabilities. Sony has yet to reveal the upcoming PS4 console this year. They still have a few weeks before their PS Meeting event this September 7. If Sony chooses not to reveal it at the PS Meeting, there are still big gaming events like the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016 where they can reveal official details.

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