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PS4 Slim Controller Has Lightbar On Touchpad, Will It Have Less Battery Life? [Video]

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Now that the PS4 Slim has been leaked, news regarding the improved console has spread across the world, like butter on toast. Since the news is legitimate, fans everywhere have been excited to use the newly improved console, along with the PS4 Slim controller. The latter seems to be an interesting beast, since it looks exactly the same but with one major difference: there is a lightbar on the touchpad.

This was discovered in a video on YouTube by one of the people who purchased the console early. The customer pressed the controller and a light from the touchpad started blinking, which is interesting, to say the least.

It’s likely that the lightbar measures how much battery the PS4 Slim controller has in it. The regular version of the PS4 controller does have a light in it, but it doesn’t really dictate how much life it still has. Originally, it was thought that red would mean it was weak, but the lights just tend to switch colors. Some games utilize the lightbar of the DualShock 4 to show the current status of players in-game such as flashing a green light when your character is healthy and red when he/she is dying. Having an additional Lightbar in the new PS4 Slim controller might have been included so players will be able to see the light more clearly.

The lightbar is new and has fans wondering if it will consume less power than the original controller. It might be a small thing, but the lightbar could also use more of the controller’s battery. Perhaps Sony will introduce an option to turn it off?

Besides that, the PS4 Slim doesn’t seem to have any major difference from its predecessor. That’s probably because this new PS4 is simply an upgrade to the console. There won’t be any exclusive games on it, so fans content with the regular version of the PS4 have nothing to worry about. This isn’t the PS5 and doesn’t appear to be the PS4 Neo either.

Slim versions of consoles are nothing new. The PS2 and PSOne had slim versions back in the day. Even the PS3 had a slimmer version, though it was still pretty bulky. Microsoft just released the Xbox One S, which is also a slimmer version of the current-gen console. It was only a matter of time before the PS4 had one and it should sell like hotcakes once it’s available.

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