PS4 Pro vs PS4: Which Console to Buy During Black Friday 2016?

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PS4 Pro vs PS4

Black Friday is just around the corner which means there?s a lot of things to go on a big sale, especially gaming consoles. Obviously, multiple retailers are selling the standard PS4 for a very low price. However, Sony is also releasing their new console this month which raises the question of PS4 Pro vs PS4.

According to Sony, the PS4 Pro is made to rival PC gaming while also delivering 4K gaming. The Japanese company claimed that the upcoming console has the capability of supporting games at this resolution.

Obviously, a lot of people doubt the ability of the system in delivering this kind of resolution. Meanwhile, both PS4 Slim and the standard PS4 doesn?t support 4K gaming. Fortunately, they are capable of outputting 1080p resolution

PS4 Pro vs PS4

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However, most of the games run at 30 frames per second while 60 frames per second is a bit of challenge for both the system and the developers. In fact, holding a stable 30/60 frames per second is also quite a challenge.

PS4 Pro Vs PS4: HDR

The recent update for PlayStation 4 provides the user an HDR function. Some users are already utilizing 4K displays. However, some of them are pretty underwhelmed by the said visual upgrade.

HDR provides the user a higher degree of luminosity while the differences can sometimes be minimal or almost non-existent. All in all, nothing special should be expected when using the said function.

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PS4 Pro Vs PS4: Blu-ray

It?s pretty surprising that Sony decided to remove the 4K Blu-ray player in the upcoming console. It makes quite a little sense given that there is no assurance that 4K Blu-ray will ever become viable.


The upcoming PS4 Pro does have the superiority against the standard PS4 when it comes to hardware specifications. However, it still uses the same processor which is an AMD eight Jaguar cores.

Furthermore, PS4 Pro features an 8GB of GDDR5 ram running at 218GB/s. Despite having the same old processor, it is now clocked at a faster rate of 2.1GHz compared to the previous 1.6GHz.

In that case, PS4 Pro is 1.3 times stronger than the previous PS4 versions. The ram is also buffed up to 24%. According to ValueWalk, the PS4 Pro encompasses 4.20 Tflop of graphical power.

In conclusion, the PS4 Pro Vs PS4 argument leads to a decision to pick up the newer and stronger version to prevent regretting it later. After all, Xbox Scorpio is still far away from being released.

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