PS4 Pro January 2017 Patch Update Meant For Diablo III, Mafia III

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PS4 Pro January 2017 Patch

The PS4 Pro is Sony’s latest and higher-spec console which many gamers have been excited about. While the PS4 is already a great console itself, Sony deemed it necessary to launch the PS4 Pro which has some amazing features. With its 4K and HDR playback across several PS4 games and movies, Sony has added updates to help maximize the console’s features. That is why many gamers are asking about the PS4 Pro January 2017 patch update.

While the PS4 Pro has better specs and features than the regular PS4, not many games can really maximize these yet. This certainly limits the PS4 Pro and makes it primarily similar to the PS4.

Thankfully, there are more games which have been given updates to maximize the power and features of the PS4 Pro. Among these games are Diablo III and Mafia III.

PS4 Pro January 2017 Patch for Diablo III

PS4 Pro

According to Push Square, Diablo III quietly added 4K support for the PS4 Pro in its latest update. This gives the game’s resolution a big boost when played on the PS4 Pro. The report mentions that in simple and peaceful areas, the resolution in the game can go as high as the native 4K resolution.

While this is certainly a big plus for gamers, some intensive scenes will go back to the 1080p resolution. This means that the patch does not give full 4K resolution all throughout the game just yet.

PS4 Pro January 2017 Patch for Mafia III

As for Mafia III, Push Square likewise mentions that the game received PS4 Pro support in a recent patch. It cites that aside from a resolution boost, the loading speed of various details has increased particularly when traveling at speed.

While the early updates are going to make Diablo III and Mafia III all the more enjoyable to play, expect even more to come very soon. Hopefully, these and other great titles will be able to fully take advantage of the PS4 Pro so that 4K gaming will already be the new trend.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the PS4 Pro January 2017 patch updates as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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