PS4 Outsells Xbox One in January Sales

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PlayStation 4 seems to be ahead of the competition with Xbox One. The NPD?s recent retail sales data reports that the Sony ? made gaming console has outsold its biggest competitor Xbox One on its January U.S sales. Sony went ahead to say that its PS4 still has the crown for the top ? selling and top ? preferred console worldwide. However, this fact cannot be justified because Xbox One outsold PS4 in 2013 with a huge gap.

Sony Sold PS4 Twice as Much as ?Nearest Next Gen Competitor?

Journalist Geoff Keighley spoke to PlayStation SVP Guy Longworth and said that Sony has not yet released the actual number. However, Keighley reported that the company has sold twice as much as its nearest next generation competitor. People think they are referring to Xbox One. PlayStation VP for Marketing John Koller confirmed that since it was launched last November 15th, they were able to sell every PS4 in the U.S.

Microsoft Remains Mum


Microsoft preferred to focus on software performance development, rather than revealing its hardware number for January. The software giant has taken 4.7 percent of the U.S market share with 2.7 million games. One thing to note of NPD?s reports is that its software data is less reliable than the hardware counterpart because it does not show digital sales.

Amazon Reports UK Sales Gap Between PS4 and Xbox One

Sony and Microsoft have yet to unveil their official hardware sales, but the PS4 sales was estimated to be around 280, 000 units. Xbox One?s January sales only reported 145, 000 units. Although the crown only covers January sales in the United States, online retail giant Amazon has revealed that the PS4 had quite a gap on the sales of Xbox One in the United Kingdom.

January Sales Vital

The month of January marks the first non ? holiday shopping month. Xbox One took the spot the previous month with a whooping 908, 000 units sold in the U.S, because PS4 had supply issues. However, PlayStation 4 still has the chance because their 100 ? dollar price difference can have a huge impact on customers as they always opt for the cheaper one. With Microsoft still mum on its latest development, we have yet to see who takes home the crown by the end of the year.

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