PS4 Neo: Will Sony Include An Elite Dualshock 4 Controller?

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PS4 Neo

Sony confirmed the PS4 Neo release ahead of E3 2016, but the company did not reveal any details about its specs, features, as well as accessories. An elite DualShock controller could be the perfect accessory for the hardware. Earlier this year, there was a rumor about Sony filing a patent for a PS4 controller, and later it was found that the company actually filed a patent for the device.

Sony has not revealed anything specific, but based on the image of the said device, it appears to be a revision of the current DualShock 4 controller. If the design is something to go by, Sony may be working on a PS4 Neo controller which is very different from what the company is currently selling. With this controller, players would be able to swap the position of the left stick and the D-Pad. The face buttons and the right stick also seem to be swappable.

Sony has already made many improvements to its game controller, with the Dualshock 4 introducing the first controller with a touchpad and light bar. The DualShock itself has seen many changes in the past, and its latest version has replaced the start and select buttons with the ?share? and ?options? button. Now that Microsoft is bringing Project Scorpio and has released Xbox One Slim with an improved controller, Sony might introduce an Elite DualShock 4 controller with PS4 Neo.

Players have already shared their concerns about the current DualShock 4 controller which lacks better battery backup and has poor build quality. Some have criticized the overall quality of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller, especially those who broke their touchpad.

To compete against Microsoft, Sony definitely needs an Elite DualShock 4 controller for PS4 Neo. The company could have done this for the original PS4 as well, but now that the launch of Neo is nearing, fans expect a better controller from Sony.

PS4 Neo is all about enhanced gaming experience, and an Elite DualShock 4 controller can contribute to that. The Xbox One Elite controller, on the other hand, is improved and ahead of Sony in many ways.

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