PS4 Neo: Will It Have Backwards Compatibility Support?

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PS4 Neo

While most people are arguing over the Taylor Swift/Kanye West debacle, console fans are arguing over the upcoming console upgrades: PS4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio. These two consoles are upgraded versions rather than a slim type counterpart like the Xbox One S. Though the PS4 has been more successful, thanks to the amount of games the console has, a lot of fans would love it if it had backwards compatibility with PS3 games.

Details about the PS4 Neo have been incredibly scarce, so stating that it would have backwards compatibility right away wouldn’t be wise. However, it would be wise if Sony considers it, since fans have complained about the numerous remastered editions of PS3 games that have hit Sony’s current-gen console.

Unbeknownst to some fans, however, the PS3 was actually a nightmare for developers to handle. An interview with the Gran Turismo team and IGN further proved that, with the developers bluntly stating that it was really difficult manufacturing games for the console due to the PS3’s hardware. They even stated that it was a nightmare doing so, which is one heck of a statement.

This is why most people claimed that the Xbox 360 was the console of choice for the 7th gaming generation. It was easier to make games for it and had a better launch period, unlike the PS3, which struggled for a bit before finding its stride and getting some solid titles. While some developers were able to overcome its hardware issues, it seems like it wasn’t an easy process to go through.

Will the PS4 Neo have backwards compatibility?

Still, if the PS4 Neo is that much more powerful than the regular version of the console, Sony might want to consider including backwards compatibility for PS3 games. Currently, the company’s way to combat the Xbox One’s wonderful feature is with PS2-to-PS4 titles, which isn’t a bad idea at all, but isn’t the answer fans were hoping for either.

Currently, there is no word on when the PS4 Neo will be released. Some fans think it will come out in 2017, along with the NX, while others feel that it will coincide with the release of PlayStation VR this October. Only time will tell when it will be available.

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