PS4 Neo Specs Locked As Sony’s Reveal Nears? 4K Console Inferior To Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio?

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PS4 Neo

Since Sony?s PlayStation 4 was released in late 2013, the console has been faring better than the Xbox One, especially in terms of sales, features and specifications. But it seems that the PS4 Neo may not stand strong against Microsoft?s Xbox One Scorpio. Sony is apparently ready to launch its new 4K-ready console this year as the company has scheduled a PlayStation Meeting this September 7. However, it seems that the company is not happy with the device?s specifications and is reworking on things just because of its rival.

Sony?s PS4 Neo is apparently seeing another phase of development as the company is working on the console to make it more powerful. According to leaked information earlier this year, the company is working on a better CPU which will eventually be more powerful than what Sony decided on earlier for PS4 Neo. The NeoGaf user suggests that the GPU to be used in the upcoming console has double the power than the original one.

Microsoft?s Project Scorpio is not a secret anymore. At E3 2016, the company shared details about almost everything related to its upcoming console. Phil Spencer unveiled the features, suggesting that the Xbox One Scorpio will feature eight CPU cores, six teraflops of power, over 320GB per second of memory bandwidth and some of the most powerful graphic processors.

Sony, on the other hand, has not shared any details about it?s console yet, although there have been speculations and rumors that suggest that the device will likely feature 4.2 Teraflops graphic core, and 218GB per second memory bandwidth, which is of course lower than what the Xbox One Scorpio features. The rumors also suggest that the company will certainly give more graphic processing power to PS4 Neo. This power is expected to be achieved by the 8GB per second processing power of GDDR5 chip.

Taking any such move before the official launch can be a challenging job for Sony. Some of the improvements may force the company to modify the design structure it has finalized for the hardware. Some equipments may require more space to get accommodated in the console.

Sony surprised everyone when it launched PS4 in 2013 by doubling the memory capabilities of its console. In numerous tests by Digital Foundry, it was found that PS4 Neo may not deliver the experience fans are looking for, and it seems that Sony is aware of it and may surprise fans once again by introducing some more significant improvements.

The company has not confirmed anything related to rework on its console, as the hardware is still under development. It seems that Sony wants to make sure that its new generation of console will be strong enough to stand against two of Microsoft?s new consoles. However, the Xbox One Slim is different and is incomparable to Sony?s upcoming console, but Xbox One Scorpio may not stop haunting Sony.

Sony has been consistent in winning the console war for a long time, but after the arrival of Xbox One and now Windows 10, things have started to change, and this is obviously the time that Sony would want to move ahead more strategically.

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