PS4 Neo Release Date Before Xbox One Scorpio?

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PS4 Neo

Sony has not confirmed the PS4 Neo release date, but reports suggest that Sony?s new console will come out this year. If it?s true, the launch will take place ahead of Micosoft?s Xbox One Scorpio launch, which is scheduled for 2017. Both consoles are said to have 4K display resolution and many upgraded features and improvements over the standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

According to ?several sources? of Eurogamer?s Richard Leadbetter, PlayStation 4 Neo is coming in 2016. No official confirmation is available regarding the PS4 Neo launch date, but if it indeed happens this year, it would be interesting to see how different the hardware will be from the original PS4 as well as the resources it offers to game developers.

Sony confirmed the existence of PS4 Neo just a few days before E3 took place. The company did not mention anything about the hardware at E3. On the other hand, Microsoft took to the E3 stage to announce its ambitious Project Scorpio, which is an upgraded Xbox One by the company. Both Sony and Microsoft are working on their upcoming hardware, and according to the specifications revealed by the developers, Xbox One Scorpio will feature six teraflop of power, 4K UHD display resolution, VR support and improved performance.

Regarding PS4 Neo, Sony has not unveiled details about the hardware?s specifications, but the company is planning to add more power, and 4K display resolution.

Both companies have assured fans that no one will be left behind as a result of the upcoming releases. The games will look richer in 4K, but all the titles will still work on the original PS4 and Xbox One consoles. If the PS4 Neo release date falls sometime in 2016, Xbox One Scorpio fans will still have a long time to think and decide on whether they need the console upgrade.

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