PS4 Neo Release Date Reveal Skips Gamescom & TGS 2016?

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It seems like the PS4 Neo release will be officially announced sooner than most expected. Sony had announced it prior to E3 but didn’t show it off because the company was seemingly not ready to do so yet, unlike Microsoft, which showed off the upgraded Xbox One with the codename Project Scorpio in the event. If these reports are true, however, it seems like we will be seeing the official announcement of the upgraded PS4 next month.

First reported by French gaming site Game Blog and later translated by Vice, it seems like this version of the PS4 will be announced on September 7. While it’s not too far off, it will miss two big game shows: the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and Gamescom. It’s a risky move on the part of Sony, though they did dominate E3 earlier this year, so maybe they can take some losses.

Gamescom will take place later this month, so we won’t be seeing a PS4 Neo release announcement then. However, the Tokyo Game Show will be on September 17, so Sony could always clarify more details in the event, though it will lack the oomph that the September 7 announcement will or might have, assuming that the reports are true.

As mentioned previously, Sony did announce that they were working on an upgraded PS4 but did not state if it would be called the Neo. This will be a more powerful version of the standard PS4, but it will not replace it. All future games should be playable on the standard PS4, along with the upgraded one coming out later next year.

What will Sony have in store for fans?

Some fans believe that the Neo and the Scorpio were made after the Nintendo NX was rumored. Now that Nintendo’s new console is legitimate, it seems like Sony and Microsoft decided to step up and compete with their own powered-up consoles. It’s an interesting move, since the NX is supposedly a hybrid between a console and a handheld.

Will the PS4 Neo release be announced on September 7? Only Sony knows the answer to that question. It’s only one month away, so fans might not have to wait too long.

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