PS4 Neo And PS4 Slim: Should You Wait For Sony’s New Consoles?

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PS4 Neo

The recent PS4 Slim leaks seem to be getting closer to authenticity as more working hardware functionalities of the console have been seen. Meanwhile, Sony?s PS4 Neo is also coming soon to accommodate games with 4K resolution and provide a better PlayStation VR experience. Should you wait for Sony?s upcoming improved versions of the PlayStation 4?

According to Eurogamer, the PS4 Slim is confirmed as they were able to successfully boot up one PS4 Slim unit. However, Eurogamer took down their video as per legal advice, but a fan on PlayStation Reddit reuploaded it with replaced audio. While its audio is muffled, the video shows that the PS4 Slim actually worked. Technically, potential PS4 owners should hold their wallets for now until Sony explains the full situation. Meanwhile, more details are also needed about PS4 Neo, which was confirmed way before the PS4 Slim.

The closest event that Sony could announce the PS4 Slim and share details on the progress of PS4 Neo is the PlayStation Meeting on September 7. Previously, Sony expressed no interest in a ?PS4 Slim? unit, but it seems they?ve already come up with an answer for Microsoft?s slimmer current-gen console, Xbox One S. Alternatively, Sony can share more details about these consoles at Tokyo Game Show 2016 in September.

Players looking forward to these next iterations of PS4 should wait until Sony?s announcement before they buy. However, players should opt for the latest iteration of the PS4 as it might have better functionality or portability than the vanilla PS4. If Sony actually announces or confirms the new consoles, these new PS4 versions may be more suitable for the new console updates since they?ve been tweaked more recently, which may enable games to run with better graphics as well as a smoother framerate.

Alternatively, you can take the vanilla PS4 early to prepare for the upcoming games for the console. The surge of AAA game releases starts on October, and it?ll be wise to have a working PS4 unit ready to play these games. AAA games like Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, and Final Fantasy 15 are slated to be released in the next three months.

Ultimately, buying a PS4 unit right now may make you miss a newly released console version. However, feel free to buy a console right now if you?re more interested in preparing for the upcoming PS4 games this year. Besides, there?s also a risk in buying the new consoles as they may potentially have Day One issues which may hamper you from enjoying games in the long run.

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