PS4 Neo & PS4 Slim Reveal At Tokyo Game Show 2016?

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PS4 Neo

Sony is working on PS4 Slim, and the company is expected to unveil the new console at the Tokyo Game Show this year. PS4 Neo will also be detailed by the company during the show, which is scheduled to take place in September. When Microsoft officially introduced Xbox One S and Project Scorpio at E3 2016, Sony hinted that it has no plans in bringing a slim version of PlayStation 4, but according to an analyst, the PS4 Slim reveal is has been confirmed.

A report by WSJ states that Damian Thong, a Macquarie Securities analyst, claims that Sony will introduce PS4 Slim along with the PS4 Neo console. Sony has not confirmed the slim version of PS4, but Thong believes that the company will share details during the four-day event which will start on September 15.

Sony officially confirmed the PS4 Neo release just a few days before E3 2016. The company confirmed that the device will feature 4K display and better frame rates as compared with the original PlayStation 4. However, the company has not revealed any specific technical details about the console, and Sony did not even hint at a PS4 Slim launch. The company already said that they have their own strategy, and the company is happy with what PS4 offers. Sony?s statement somehow made fans believe that the company is not going to bring any slim version of its powerful console.

The details on PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo release dates have not been confirmed by Sony, but the recent report was from a Sony investors? meeting. The company hasn?t revealed much on PS4 Neo, but there are various leaks and rumors about the console. PS4 Slim is expected to arrive with a smaller, thinner design, and according to rumors, the device will be more energy- and cost-efficient.

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