PS4 Neo Price: How Much Will Sony’s 4K Console Cost?

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PS4 Neo

Sony has recently confirmed that the PS4 NEO is underway. Since the announcement, many have been wondering how much money they will have to shell out in order to enjoy UHD 4K resolution and stunning graphics on consoles.

The company has already confirmed that the device will not be cheaper than the current PS4, but considering the new device is an upgrade, Sony would not want to draw a line between those who recently purchased a PS4. If Sony will sell the PS4 NEO at a competitive price, the current console on the market will likely have a price drop.

The PS4 Neo will offer improved visuals and will include 4K resolution support, which basically means users will get four times the pixel size of the (1080p) display resolution that PS4 can offer. More than just adding these features, Sony can upgrade the console in several ways and this will undoubtedly factor-in the final pricing of the device.

Sony is reportedly pushing the graphics to the next level by adding a brand new GPU to the system. Here, one thing you should note that if Sony delivers improved GPU power with Neo, the company will certainly get competitive edge over the Xbox One with this new upgrade. With the help of a higher-end GPU, Sony can now compete with PCs.

Technically, Sony may either produce its own microprocessor that could be twice as powerful as the current one (PS4) or it can choose AMDs upcoming systems that can empower PS4 with Polaris GPU architecture and Zen CPU cores. According to Eurogamer AMD?s Zen architecture will be out for desktops and it will unlikely support consoles as of the moment because they use low-power mobile technology. The company has not even shared any plans about the PC release for the Zen architecture. It means that the company may equip PS4 Neo with more GPU power and most of the CPU components will remain the same.

Although, displaying 4K resolution will certainly need much power, Sony may look for some other options. The company aspires to double the GPU power as compared to what PS4 currently offers, and it will certainly increase the need for more power. Packing a more powerful machine into the same box seems impossible and achieving a 2x increase could increase the technical requirements, certainly the RAM.

It?s still unknown at what price Sony plans to sell PS4 Neo. House already told Financial Times (Via Kotaku) that it could cost more than the original PlayStation 4, but it is still unclear whether the device will be priced the same as the standard PS4.

When it comes to dominating the PC gaming market, it seems that Sony?s move will help the company. Sony has already entered into virtual reality technology and has already secured a great position in VR Market with PlayStation VR. Expensive VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are already there to allure PC gamers, and Sony doesn?t want to lose the game as it has already confirmed that PSVR will be cheaper than its rivals? headsets.

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