PS4 Neo: No Native 4K Resolution For AAA Games? 60fps Impossible With 4K Resolution?

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Sony looks ready to launch PS4 Neo next year. The upcoming console is expected to deliver better visual experience with 4K resolution. Reports claim that Sony has included powerful components to its new system, but according to a practical analysis, Sony?s new console will not be able to deliver native 4K resolution for many AAA games. Getting a smooth 60fps gameplay experience also looks impossible to achieve with the projected PS4 Neo features and specifications.

Sony?s upcoming console still needs to complete a long journey before it hits shelves, but the specifications rumored to date were combined in a hardware to see what Sony?s 4k console can do. The results were surprising and may dishearten fans who have been expecting 60 fps gameplay with 4K resolution from Sony.

Eurogamer assembled a PC with the same capabilities of they?re expecting for PS4 Neo. They include the AMD graphics core Polaris, which is the same unit launched for PC as RX 480. To keep the experiment more balanced, the clock speed of RX 480 was matched to the GPU of PS4 Neo which runs at 911 MHz.

During the testing, it was found that Sony?s upcoming console might disappoint fans. After multiple AAA titles were tried, it was found that 30 fps is possible, but there are very little chances that the console would be capable of delivering native 4K gaming experience at this hardware level. There?s obviously an improvement if the original PS4 and PS4 Neo specifications are compared, but the upcoming console obviously needs a great boost in GPU to deliver the experience fans expect.

Sony has not confirmed the final features and specifications of the upcoming console, but if the rumored PS4 Neo specs are something to go by, Sony would need to work more on the performance of the upcoming console to make sure that people would want to upgrade to it.

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