PS4 Neo 2016 Release Date Ruled Out As Sony Skips Gamescom 2016?

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PS4 Neo

Fans expected more from Sony last E3 2016, and while the gaming giant did deliver on the hype leading up to the event, what fans wanted to see was the more powerful version of the PS4 on display. Even before E3, Sony already said that the upgraded console won?t make it to the show. Fans then expected that PS4 Neo and its release date will finally be revealed at the upcoming Gamescom, but it seems Sony won?t make it to the show.

The list of companies attending Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany has finally been revealed, and again, Sony won?t attend this year. This lessens the chances of the PS4 Neo release date being revealed this August.

However, those interested in the console shouldn?t worry too much just yet as there are still other events that could be the stage for Neo?s reveal. The upgraded PS4 console could be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show this September. It could also be revealed at the Paris Games Week in October.

Reports claim that the release of Neo will push through this year, and if this is the case, Sony might opt to hold a show of its own for the console instead of attending a gaming conference. Meanwhile, if Sony does intend to wait for either the Tokyo Game Show or Paris Games Week, the time between the reveal and the release might be too short for potential buyers to save up for the console.

The PS4 Neo is Sony?s answer to Microsoft?s Xbox One Scorpio. Both devices are basically upgraded versions of the current-gen consoles, meaning that they could cost more but will run games better. Neo is reported to be able to run games in 4K resolution, and it could possibly come in a bundle with the upcoming PlayStation VR.

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