PS4 Games: Buggy Glitches That Will Make You Laugh

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Video games could be brimming with baffling glitches that hamper the?experience, however, there’s always a pearl amongst them that simply makes you sit back, snicker and appreciate the minute of craziness.

Glitches are a portion of an exciting game, they attempt to mimic authenticity and realism but chances are, it totally breaks down. PS4 games are not exempted?with these?kinds of glitches, and obviously, the PS4 Community doesn’t need years to discover these glitches.

Here are some glitches that will make you ROFL ?

Assassin?s Creed IV ? Entertaining break-dancing of a dead solider

Games are brimming with silly passing movements that go totally wrong, and this one in Ubisoft’s Assassin?s Creed IV is one of the best. Look at the dead warrior who is apparently doing the “windmill” at a rankling pace on the ship’s deck while others are fighting until the very end.

Watch Dogs ? Funny Flying Cop

Watch Dogs is one glitchy game?and we could have taken our pick from many interesting features. In this cut,a cop is coasting circulating everywhere doing a running-man style move.

Watch Dogs ? Man stuck his head in a garage door

Again, a clever glitch in Watch Dog where a man’s head is stuck on a garage door.


MLB 14? Quick as lightning

It’s generally a decent thing to have speed when you’re playing baseball, however, this isn’t precisely what you need when attempting to achieve first base.?Here we see the player make a dash for first base at an extra-ordinary pace, continuously. We then see a fielder make a go at pursuing him. What we adore about this glitch is the response of the people in the stadium, they’re dumbstruck as to what had happened in the game.

inFamous: Second Son? Dumb?A.i. tripping over and over

The colossal world of inFamous: Second Son is brimming with amusing glitches, however this one made us snicker more than most. In the cut, you’ll see people tripping?over on some kind of invisible ice.

FIFA 14 ??Jaw-breaking Celebration

There’s a contention here that this isn’t a glitch at all, and maybe EA incorporated this jaw-breaking goal celebration to give a few minutes of entertainment. On the other hand, we don’t think FIFA would overlook roughness on the pitch. In any case, its extremely interesting and funny.

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