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PS4 Firmware 3.0 Leaked: Major Features, Exciting Updates Revealed!

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The PlayStation Firmware 3.0 update features has been leaked by beta testers in Japan, and the new upgrade for the PS4 OS will delight those who wish for more social features as it brings YouTube streaming and more exciting updates.

Functionalities added in the PS4 Firmware 3.0 beta seem to be more tailored in crafting a better social experience on the PlayStation Network (PSN) as well as giving new tools for social media.

Major Features in PS4 Firmware 3.0 Beta

These are the main features of the 3.0 beta according to PlayStationLifestyle:

  • Upload YouTube videos on Twitter (10 seconds maximum).
  • Broadcasting via YouTube is now possible.
  • Event menu has been added to allow users find related events on PlayStation so you can join and watch them.
  • Community has been added to the friend menu, a feature which allows you to either make a new community or join existing ones.
  • A most played list will feature games that participants are playing, Ubergizmo reported, allowing users to immediately play or broadcast a game from the list. This feature has been included in the friend, community, message, and profile screen. Adding groups to your favorite list is now possible.
  • Now Playing is now displayed in the Message function so you can start party easily. Also included is adding groups to your favorite list.

More Features!

Other minor functionalities included according to the google translated reported by Pocket News include the following:

  • In the game start-up, you can now limit the time you spend seeing the age information and ratings icon.
  • A sub account for children can now be created from the user selection screen.
  • Blocking harmful websites can now be blocked using the parental control from the settings menu.
  • PS Plus has been added to the functions menu.
    You can now change the speed of automatic scrolling via the accessibility menu in settings.

A release date has yet to be announced by Sony.

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