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PS4 Disc Error Quick Fix

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PS4 Disc Error Quick Fix
PS4 Disc Error Quick Fix

Numerous users wanted to fix their PS4 consoles affected by the disc error which happened after the firmware 2.55 system stability update went live on July 1, 2015. But the PS4 Disc Error quick fix has not been available until now.

The disc error problem allegedly occurs when the PS4 is at rest mode (also known as standby mode) and is immediately awakened by opening the disc tray to pop in a video game or a movie. This was reportedly caused by physical game disks as users who were solely using digital games were not affected because they didn?t need to open the disc tray. However, if the problem still persists, your disc error may be totally unrelated to the error caused by the PS4 stability update. You can try all these quick fix first before you resort to sending your PS4 to the service center.

Here are some ways for a quick fix

  • As said in the previous report, the problem occurs when the PS4 is at rest mode and is immediately awakened by opening the disc tray. To refrain from getting the disc error if you accidentally get into rest mode, boot-up/fully restart your PS4 first before you insert your PS4 disc.
  • Check first the PS4 disc you?re inserting in the console as it may be causing the problem or even damaging the console itself. If the CD has smudge marks such as fingerprints and scratches, replace or refrain from using it. You can use a microfiber cloth or an air blower to remove the dust. Using a microfiber cloth won’t easily scratch your CD?as opposed to just using any type of cloth which may even add scratch marks because of the friction caused between the cloth and the dust. Using an air blower makes the dirt fly away without a need to touch the CD.
  • Your PS4 game disc might be stuck. If it happens, you can try to do this.
  • According to PSU, a viable fix for the disc error problem is by wholly rebuilding the database of the PS4 through a scan which creates new database of all content, similar to defragging on PC. Before you do this, make sure you fully turn-off the PS4 and unplug all chords. Put the chord back and hold down the power button until you hear a second beep which signals you are in safe mode. Scroll to the fifth option to rebuild the database.

If the Quick Fix tips?here doesn?t work and you still get a PS4 Disc Error, you can just wait for the next system stability update and refrain from putting your PS4 on rest mode. If you encounter errors even whilst avoiding rest mode, your PS4 might have a defect and you need to send your PS4 for a service repair.

Source: PSU, Attack of the Fanboy

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