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PS4 Best Game: Resogun Heroes Review

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“Resogun” has the same measure of effect for PS4 as “Geometry Wars” for Xbox 360. It’s an addictive, stellar gameplay, outwardly satisfying little twin-stick shooter which has as insane effects and graphics that don’t exactly hurt.

Housemarque, Developer of Resogun, ventures ?to give the game an infusion of additional goodies such the ?Heroes? DLC. This infused freshness makes the game even more splendid.

One thing Resogun lacks is a variation of game modes because it only offers core arcade experience, but since ?Heroes? DLC was introduced, it has now two new modes ? Survival and Demolition.


Survival mode’s turn isn’t well-covered by its name, providing you one life to live in Resogun’s fierce gameplay against an endless wave of enemies. Aside from no additional lives, you will also not wander from stage to stage; instead you will stay in a cylindrical world called Avernus.

Other changes include constantly increasing score multiplier, so the longer you survive, the more points you gain. And you?ll never have to worry about your multiplier because it?ll never reset, and people don?t need to be spared or saved. However, if you aim to upgrade your weapons, you need to rescue them in sequence, as this will upgrade your shield, bombs, weapons and more, which will aid you to survive.

Another eminent change is that Avernus is continually evolving, bridges and other structure can be crushed and destroyed, which is the way people are lost. And in addition about these people, they appear randomly like spawning from defeated enemies or they?ll parachute in from the sky.

The severity and crazy uproar of Survival Mode is the thing that makes it so engaging and appealing. There is basically no space for failure, and when you kick the bucket, you kick the bucket. Your score is your score, and there’s nothing more you can do about it, other than playing it again and attempt to beat it.


The rules on this mode is completely different, you can no longer shoot your enemies, instead, you have to utilize your ship?s bomb ability to pulse energy that can shatter your enemies. You just need to watch your back as those balls you?re shooting around the chamber can easily come from behind and knock you down.

This mode is truly troublesome, yet it can be rewarding.

Housemarque also developed a free patch to ?Resogun? that allows you to create your own ship. This is for everyone who owns a DLC or just the base game.

You can also watch how Resogun looks like here:

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