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PS4 beats XBox One anew: Forces Phil Harrison to Leave?

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A PlayStation 4 unit on a perfectly good day. [By Evan-Amos (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

The PlayStation 4 had not been doing good since It launched, but as it appears, from these reports, things are turning around.

In this Game Spot report, the troubles hounding the PS4?may still be around, but it seems the console has finally found a way around it. As of the report, the console found a way to make it back to the #1 spot, beating rival Xbox One for the top of the hill. How did it do the seemingly impossible? We?re going to take a look.

We also take a look at this report?also from Game Spot?about troubles that Xbox is going through, in contrast. At least, it looks that way?Phil Harrison, corporate vice president of Xbox Europe, is on the outs with Microsoft. The report says that market on-lookers shouldn?t be surprised, as his departure was expected, and it was an unavoidable event.

Back at the Top

First things first: the PlayStation 4 is once again ?King of the Mountain?.

This is after surrendering that coveted spot to?of all consoles?the Nintendo New 3DS, which outsold it during March, according to Game Spot. The study is based on NPD data and market research figures. The sales might have also been boosted by announcements from Rock Band 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront, both of which will arrive later in the year.

That aside, it is impressive how the PS4?managed to stay afloat after quite some time, especially since most of the games available on it are indie titles which?although little known?contain a few gems here and there.

Trouble at the Other End of the Gaming Spectrum

While PS4 is basking in its successful return to the top, Xbox is busy dealing with its own troubles.

Reports from Game Spot revealed that Phi Harrison, who was in charge of Xbox in Europe, has left the company. Phil Harrison, according to Phil Spencer, is now the head of Xbox. The trouble, however, seems to run deep, in spite of Harrison saying that he did enjoy the three years he was at Microsoft.

Game Spot, citing Games Industry International, said that Harrison wasn?t at all content and ?grew frustrated? when Don Mattrick, the former boss at Xbox, left Microsoft in 2013 for Zynga. Spencer?s promotion to head didn?t do matters good for Harrison as well, as he was expecting a promotion for him too.

Getting an Edge over the Competition

It appears that despite the exclusives and the illustrious titles, the PS4?is still a top choice over the Xbox One in the console wars. It might also be because PlayStation has a wider reach than the Xbox, which has yet to outsell the former outside of the US. Whether Xbox One will be able to address this?despite the troubles at the office?remains to be seen.


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