PS4 And XBox One Backward Compatibility List Gets New Games: Check Out The Possible Games!

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E3 PS4 vs Xbox One
E3 PS4 vs Xbox One

Game lovers are having a reason to get excited. Microsoft has added 8 new games to the XBox One Backward Compatibility list. According to GameNGuide, “Fallout: New Vegas,” “Joe Danger,” “Crystal Quest,” “Red Faction Battlegrounds,” “D&D: Chronicles of Mystara,” “Blood Knights,” “Comic Jumper” and “I Am Alive? are the latest games which entered XBox One backwards compatibility list. You have to download the games from the Xbox One Store in case you are going to try these titles for the first time.


Among the above-mentioned games, ?Fall Out: New Vegas? is more popular. Microsoft has asked the fans to vote for their favorite game. ?Fall Out: New Vegas? games was one among the ten games in terms of votes received, according to Daily Star. New Vegas earned 78,099 votes. ?

We can also look for three games in the ?Bioshock? series and classic triple-A games like ?Red Dead Redemption?, ?The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? and the sequel to the ?Black Ops? game, ?Black Ops 2?.

According to Express, currently, there are around 205 games available in the Backward Compatible list. It includes all time favorite like ??Call of Duty: Black Ops?, ?Fallout 3? and ?Left 4 Dead 2?. Skate 2 is expected to fall in Backward Compatible list soon.

Microsoft is highly enthusiastic in refreshing the Xbox One Backward Compatible list. In June, the brand added 20 games. Xbox Head of First Party Publishing, Shannon Loftis has confirmed that 14 games are getting to ready to be released. ??I head first party game publishing for Xbox One or Windows 10 or any of our platforms. ?We right now have, i think, 14 games in development. We talked about four of those this morning ? Killer Instinct, Scalebound, State of Decay 2, and ReCore. We also have Crackdown 3, which we announced has now been moved into 2017, and there are a few other ones that aren?t quite ready to be talked about yet,? Shannon Loftis said, according to Attack of the Fanboy.

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