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PS4 4.07 Patch Issues, Updates: Don?t Expect Newest Update Soon

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PS4 4.07 Patch

Updates to the Playstation 4 are not released often. This is why many fans are always watching out for them. Playstation fans finally got their wish recently as the PS4 4.07 patch became available just last week. PS4 gamers though should not really expect major changes to come with the recent update.

Much like previous updates before it, the PS4 4.07 patch is geared to improve the quality of the console?s performance. The update though does not really make huge improvements as what some may be expecting from the latest PS4 update.

One indication which was sign to the impact of the PS4 4.07 patch is definitely its file size. According to GameSpot, the update is relatively small as it is only 312.3 MB in size. This is certainly small when compared to major PS4 updates in the past.

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No Major Update During the Holidays

Playstation 4 Update

The same report does mention that Sony does not normally launch a major update during the holiday season. PS4 fans would remember that the last major update to the console came last September in the form of the PS4 4.00 patch.

For one, the PS4 4.00 patch introduced folders in order to manage games and apps more efficiently. Another thing which was changed were some of the PS4?s menus which were redesigned.

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For this patch though, there is really no big change to report. Those who may be excited to find out what changes are in store for the PS4 4.07 patch, there really is nothing major to get excited about. The official patch note only states “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.”

No Issues with PS4 4.07 Patch

While the patch did not really have a major update to introduce, at least gamers have not experienced any issues about it. So far there have been no PS4 4.07 patch issues reported and it appears that the update does not have any bugs.

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Playstation fans though should expect a more significant update in the coming months as Sony is likely already working on it right now. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the PS4 4.07 patch as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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