PS4 1.70 updates coming your way. What’s in store for you?

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According to Sony, the next PlayStation 4 software system update is ?coming soon?. Sony has been listening to customer feedback and they have announced that they will be able to include features that are in line with what the customers are looking for. These features include ShareFactory, a video editing app, USB drive saves as well as other sharing features and software pre-loading on PlayStation 4 consoles.


ShareFactory comes with the 1.70 update and it?s a rich new video editor app that makes it easier for you to customize your gameplay videos. There are a lot of features that are available like being able to easily combine captured videos for editing, adding and personalizing videos using filters, transitions, and themes, and of course being able to share them with friends via social networks. Another set of features include having the ability to personalize the videos, even further by adding stickers, text, audio tracks and of course video commentary for those play by play moments.


When you are done customizing your video, you can easily share them on Facebook or extract and save them on to an external USB storage device. This ability to store externally is another feature of the 1.70 update. A few other SHARE enhancements include being able to adjust or change the recording time of your gameplay videos to shorter increments and the ability to change to whom you share your videos with on the SHARE screen. Another great update that has fans excited is the ability to switch off HDCP so that you can capture video directly from your own HDMI output so that you can record and share longer clips of your gameplay sessions.

Pre-loading games

If that wasn?t enough to get you excited, this probably will. The PS4 was designed to give you immediate access to your games as much as possible. To add to the current features that already are trying to address this, the 1.70 update will include the ability to pre-download any pre-ordered games. If the auto-download feature is enabled, it will automatically pre-download the pre-ordered games so that it is available to be played right away as soon as the game is unlocked on release day.

Sony is doing a lot of things right by listening to the gaming community. They also mentioned that they have some more updates in store.

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