PS3 To Drop To $399?!

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This is the rumor that is going around cyberspace today.? This was posted on Opposable Thumbs web blog yesterday.? It looks yummy!? With this deal, there will be MANY people with Wii’s and 360’s now picking up a PS3 to round off their next-gen trio.? Here’s the full story:

Our mole has a great track record: both the Xbox 360 HDMI story and the wired Xbox 360 Rock Band controllers have since been confirmed. Whoever our friendly inside source is, he’s got some great contacts. Now he’s ready to tell us what Sony’s console pricing plans may soon look like. Here’s how Sony’s platform pricing will shape up by the holiday shopping season:

  • 80GB PlayStation 3: $499.99
  • 40GB PlayStation 3: $399.99
  • Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray movie pack in with one, or both
  • PlayStation 2: $99.99

The 80GB price drop isn’t that shocking, but a new $400 40GB system would be huge news. Would people be willing to part with 40GB to save $100? I think so, and having a $400 PlayStation 3 option would be a great weapon this holiday season. If they get to show off the Blu-ray capabilities of the system with Spider-Man 3 bundled? That’s a nice package.

The $99.99 PlayStation 2 would ensure that the venerable system will continue to sell well. This is rumor for now, but when Sony makes some announcements at the Tokyo Game Show, I would not be shocked if these were among them. You heard it here first.

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