PS3 News: 3D Dot Game Heroes Vignette #4

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The reviews are out and the PS3 has a winner on it?s hands with this one. Everyone on The Bitbag staff who know me, know by now, that I live and die by the Retro Gaming sword. I for one, am glad that this game is an only one console exclusive, but thank goodness that I own a PS3.

This bring me back to why I love the Playstation brand.

I?m very much a Xbox 360 gamer above all, but never hate on the Playstation brand because I prefer to game on my Xbox. The Playstation brand for me was always the brand for unique gaming experiences in my opinion. That?s not to say the any of the other consoles don?t offer their fans anything less.

I?m one for multi-platform titles for all, but when I see games like 3D Dot Heroes, I feel like it?s a perfect game for the PS3 and not so much for the Xbox community. I would love the two to find their own theme and stick with it like last generation.

The PS2 was a huge RPG platform while the Xbox was a huge Action platform, I was able to get games with out compromise to either console, but with this generation we get these companies trying to be everything which really segment the communities.

Ok, let me stop here and give you the latest Vignette for 3D Dot Heroes.

3D Dot Game Heroes is scheduled to release on May 11, 2010 with an MSRP of $39.99. For more information, visit the official website and the official Facebook Page. Be sure to check out the other 3D Dot Game Heroes vignettes we’ve released: "Natural Sword Enhancement," "Most Interesting Hero in 3D," and "Dot-Mart."

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