PlayStation 3 Hit ‘The Last Of Us’ Getting A Movie Adaptation, Original Voice Actors Unlikely to Be Casted

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The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us


Anybody who has played or at least knows the game ?The Last Of Us? might wonder how an already cinematic game can be turned into a movie. In case you?re wondering, if there?s anybody who can pull it off right then it?s none other than Sony. The Last Of Us movie will be ?based from the original game?s plot. Sony along with Naughty Dog and Screen Gems will be producing the film.

Before anybody could even start ranting how this movie adaptation will fail, know that PS3?s The Last Of Us writer Neil Druckmann himself will write the movie?s script.

Druckmann mentioned in an interview with IGN that it is an adaptation of the story of the original game which has won quite numerous awards at game BAFTAs. A lot of critics praise the game?s mechanics, the setup and especially how the story was written.

Aside from Screen Gems production company working on the film, Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is said to be involved with the project as well. His role or participation with the movie however is still unclear.

The only possible deal breaker for the movie is that Troy Barker, the original voice actor behind Joel, has a slim chance of being the same guy who will play the role of Joel in the movie adaptation. The way how the original voice actor and actress Troy Barker and Ashley Johnson portrayed the character in-game might be something that is hard to replicate. They can be included in the movie and fans would love it, but neither of them looks like the characters they portray in the game. This same scenario happened before with the film adaptation of the video game ?Hitman? in which Timothy Olypant took the role of .47 instead of David Bateson who ?was the original voice actor of the game?s main protagonist.

It is still unclear up to now who will play the role of the two iconic characters in video game?s history and here?s to hoping that this beautiful masterpiece wouldn?t end up being another one of those horrendous film adaptations of perfectly good video games.


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