PS3 Games Now Headed For 360. Here’s why:

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I love to predict video game releases. It gives me something to look forward to in the upcoming months. These upcoming predictions are geared around the Xbox 360. A lot of games that are currently in development on the PS3 platform, are seeing some light on the Xbox 360. It’s really simple. With the high costs of game development, it’s absurd to limit a title to one system. If a developer spends millions of dollars to produce a game, they would like to see a return on their investment. Developers are starting to realize that PS3 exclusive titles might not put them in the green for a long time coming. Most of the PS3’s that were snapped up by consumers were resold on Ebay. Add that to the lack of games being purchased with each system and you have a low return on investment.

The PS3 is just at 1 million units sold worldwide and has a lot of catching up to do. Instead of waiting for the PS3 to play catch up, it’s best for the developer to put their IP’s on other platforms to recoupe dev costs. In comes the Xbox 360. 9 million + units sold worldwide looks good to developers. It looks so good that they can port PS3 titles in development over to the 360 and feel comfortable knowing that they will see some of those development costs coming back into their pockets.

If you are a diehard Sony fan, don’t fret. Just because you see your favorite work in progress games going to the 360, doesn’t mean there won’t be a PS3 release. VF5 will hit the PS3 first and a few months later get a 360 release. Fatal Inertia still has to prove itself but is a nice cross-platform racer for the next gen systems. Right now is the best time to be a gamer because we have plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s my short list of predictions for cross-platform games:

  • We already know that Tekken 6 is possibly in the works for 360. I predict that if it does come out, we will see a Soul Caliber IV in the near future.
  • MGS4 WILL be released on the 360 sometime after the PS3 release. It’s been talked about, Kojima says it can run on the 360 and Konami would be stupid not to port this title.
  • Final Fantasy XIII will see the light on the 360. I’m thinking fall of 2007 or spring 2008. Again, Square-Enix could see the benefits of a 360 release and waste no time porting it over.
  • Koei has always supported the Xbox brand and have already announced ports of Bladestorm and Fatal Inertia. Dynasty Warriors 6 won’t be too far behind. Look for an announcement in late spring or mid-summer.

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