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PS Vita Update 3.61 Kills HENKaku Hack; Workaround To Downgrade And Use Emulators And Homebrew Again

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PS Vita Update

The latest PS Vita update 3.61 patches the HENKaku hack completely, and everyone is suggesting for fans not to update. The Vita hack is popularly known for enabling players to run homebrew apps and games on their devices, but with Sony?s latest update for its handheld console, the company has addressed the issue. Here?s how you can downgrade and still use the HENKaku hack.
Recently, Sony launched a PS Vita update, and many players on the console have received it automatically on their devices. Later, the users found out that they are unable to use homebrew applications with HENKaku. Some players on Reddit suggest ways to make the hack work on the system again.
Players can manually update PS Vita to ensure that the HENKaku update works for them. Those who received the update automatically on their device should note that they can delete the update by following a simple method.

Those who want to manually download the PS Vita update 3.60 on their device can do so by following simple steps. The firmware can be downloaded from any reliable source. Once you get the firmware, change the name of the file to PSP2UPDAT.PUP and copy the file to the PSV Update folder in your PC. The next step will again require downloading a file from Github.
After completing the download, you can simply put your PS Vita in airplane mode and reboot. After connecting to your PC, start QCMA (Content Manager) and update the firmware by going to Settings and Update.
Use of hacks and exploits may result in getting your account banned from Sony. PSN users need to be very careful in using such hacks. On its official website, the company stated that the latest PS Vita update includes security and usability enhancements, and it advised users to update to the latest version.

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