PS Vita Slim lands in North America

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The new and improved PlayStation portable device, the PS Vita, has been released and touts some upgrades compared to the original design. The physical upgrades have made the new Vita ?slimmer and lighter, and has a longer lasting battery compared to the previous model.

Vita fans in North America will be pleased to know that the device is now available in their region for $199 with an added bonus; the device can be picked up in the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle. This bundle includes the RPG shooter together with 6 DLC packs and an additional 8GB memory card. Sony gave the heads up that the bundle is a limited offer, so if you are interested, you should hurry now before supplies run out.

The new model is 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter compared to its predecessor. The edges of the device have also been rounded, to give an easier and more comfortable grip as the cornered edges of the previous model was a point of criticism. Storage wise, the new model offers 1 GB of memory, whereas the original didn?t provide any internal storage.

The device?s screen has also gone through changes, as it now sports a new LCD display, compared to the previous version?s OLED display. Surprisingly, initial feedback seems to indicate that this move, has actually made the Vita?s display worse, as the video quality seems to have dropped instead of improving.

Pictures aren?t as clear on the new display and colors don?t seem to be as vibrant. This isn?t a total deal breaker, but it?s quite surprising that the screen quality has dipped, rather than staying the same or improving.

The PlayStation Vita isn?t exactly breaking sales records everywhere, so it?s a bit puzzling as to why Sony would accept anything less than a stellar upgrade as its successor. Those who are in the market for a new portable gaming device, though, should definitely check out the new PlayStation Vita, especially since it has the Borderlands 2 bundle right now. There is no mention of how many bundles are available, so it would be best to decide sooner, rather than later.

Photo Source: PS Vita blog

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