PS Vita: Is It Better Off As a PS4 Accessory?

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PS Vita
PS Vita

The PlayStation VITA kept its promise of being a portable console that features extremely awesome graphics, and no, this is not an exaggeration at all. It did have enough power to let you play near-playstation 3 quality games while on the go. With titles like Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance, Call of Duty and even, Assassin?s Creed. It was easily the small version of the PlayStation 3. All these are great and yet, gamers still didn?t pay much attention to its existence and it never outdid its successful predecessor which is the PSP.

Of course, Sony didn?t just stand there while the PlayStation VITA was gathering dust on the shelves. They made some new marketing schemes to promote the little wonder, but in a different perspective.

You can see on a box of the new PS VITA models for this year -??Play PS4 games on PS VITA?. If this message from Sony isn?t clear enough, then let us spell it in a less subtle way. The PlayStation VITA is a system that you need to buy because of the Remote Play feature that lets you stream PlayStation 4 games to your VITA.

The good thing about this is that, Remote Play via VITA actually works, and it works pretty well too, but then again, is this even a good selling point for a system that can cost as near as ?200?

Don?t even start about Cross-Buy and Cross-Save. Yes. This proves that PlayStation VITA is ?good as a second screen for your console games, and?it can also play similar games and let you play games, that you play on your home console, on the go. However, Unless you REALLY really need to play your games, particularly, indie titles, on the go, having them on your VITA doesn?t make that much sense at all. This might have also attributed as to why the VITA didn?t pick up any momentum in the market.

It might be a sad fact, but Sony probably lost ?sight of what they really wanted the VITA to be. They certainly DID abandon the idea of the ?Console quality games on the go?. ?Judging from what games we are looking forward to, there?s not even any single, triple A quality game that is going to come out, and more so, not a compelling game for the first party. We are getting remakes like Borderlands and Minecraft, but chances are, most VITA owners have already played those. An even higher chance is that these kind of games would not sell the system, if that is what Sony is thinking.

We can pretty much picture that the PlayStation VITA is suffering the same thing that the Wii U had been going through for a while, but the difference is, the Wii U is actually starting to ?move out? from its confines. How? By having ?quality? games that actually sell the system. With first party titles like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, and more. Nintendo is showing what the Wii U can do, and it is working.

So why doesn?t Sony give us God of War? or Infamous? Or even, new entries to series like Uncharted? ?If Sony is to make quality games on the system, this would attract third parties to follow suit, and everything will work their magic for the VITA. VITA can have so much variety with games, but Sony doesn?t even take this into consideration.

Indeed, Sony is putting all their resources to push PlayStation 4 as it is their new home console and all, but what they have been doing to the Vita is slowly killing it. Advertising it as an accessory is a big mistake. Now you might ask yourself, is PlayStation VITA better off as a PS4 accessory? Or can it still live what it was initially marketed for? A ?portable console-quality handheld platform?.

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