PS Plus July 2017 Lineup News: Sony Just Announced Another Content for Next Month

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PS Plus July 2017 lineup

In less than a week, Sony will be announcing the lineup for next month’s PS Plus free games. A few days after that, their official release. However, in a sudden turn of events, Sony just announced another content ahead of the PS Plus July 2017 freebies.

Fans of the post-apocalyptic MMO-action game Crossout will be glad to learn that Sony is giving out the Crossout Plus Free Starter Pack. This freebie contains a new vehicle called “Snappy’, two LM-54 Chord machine guns, and a unique cabin called “Duster.”

For now, nothing much is known about the current lineup of games for the month of July. However, just after the Electronic Entertainment Expo event, Sony also announced that its new cross-platform game That’s You will also be included in July.

That’s You will be the first cross-platform game from Sony that will be available for console as well as mobile users.

On the subject of game predictions, so far, Far Cry 4 and Deformers are on top of the list.

PS Plus July 2017 lineup

Far Cry 4 (via

Far Cry 4 is first-person, open-world, action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game was originally released on Nov. 2014 and has received quite fairly positive reviews from various critics. The plot is set at a fictional Himalayan village called Kyrat. In the story, the protagonist, Ajay Ghale, returned to his village only to be confronted by a civil war. Gameplay centers on combat and exploration and features a branching storyline.

On the other hand, Deformers is a third-person multiplayer brawler. Players compete in knocking out other players from the arena by jumping, absorbing items, rolling, and shooting. Deformers was developed by Ready At Dawn and was released on Apr. 2017.

Readers should note that these two games are just predictions for the month of July. They have not been confirmed by Sony yet unlike That’s You and the Crossout Plus Free Starter Pack. For more updates on the PS Plus July 2017 lineup, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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