Sony Announces PS Plus July 2017 Free Games Lineup

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Sony announces PS Plus july 2017 lineup

July is finally right next door. And that means PS Plus subscribers are once again expecting a whole new line of free games from Sony. The good news is, Sony has officially announced the full lineup of free games coming this July for the PS Plus program.

For next month, Sony once again opted for a more indie lineup just like last June. Although not really a big disappointment this time, Sony has come up with quite an impressive list of games for the PS Plus.

Game of Thrones and Until Dawn for the PS4

Starting off with the PS4, Telltale’s Game of Thrones. In this game, players assume the role of one of the lords of House Forrester. The House Forrester has a very close tie with the Stark family owing to the fact that they also came from north of Westeros.

The game has five playable characters in a six-episode arc. Fans of the HBO series will find that the game is neatly placed between season 3 and season five of the show.

The second game for the PS4 is Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn. The game was originally released back in2015 and has received mostly positive reviews from game critics.

Sony announces PS Plus july 2017 lineup

Telltales Game of Thrones (via

Until Dawn is a horror survival adventure that is set in Western Canada. A group of eight teenagers find themselves under attack from a psychopath and must survive until sunrise. The game is quite interactive in that it has multiple endings making it possible for players to play the game multiple times.

Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection for the PS3

For PS3 users, Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection will be joining next months free games lineup. For fans of online games, Darkstalkers Resurrection is the one for you. The game was released by Capcom in 2013 and feateres online play and other enhancements.

On the other hand, Tokyo Jungle offers two game modes: survival and story. The game was developed by Crispy’s and released in 2012.

The story mode of the game offers missions centered around various animals. Meanwhile, the survival mode puts players against each other using different animals.

PS Vita and extra PS4 game

On the PS Vita, Sony will make Don’t Die Mr. Robot and Element4l available for July 2017 PS Plus. The first one is a cross buy so PS4 users will be able to download that one as well. Finally, as an added bonus, starting July 4, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download That’s You, a cross-platform game for the PS4.

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