PS Plus January 2017 Free Games Reveal

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The end of 2016 is just around the corner. As we all look forward the brand new year, gamers are also looking forward to the official list of PS Plus Free Games for January 2017. Although the titles are not yet available, here are some of the notable speculations on the internet.

First one on the wish list is Saints Row 4. The game initially hit the market in 2013 and since it has been three years already, adding them to the free games next month is quite reasonable. Another game that is speculated to be in the list is Knack. Although the game was not a hit, some gamers are still wanting to experience playing it especially when it comes for free.

Another title that some gamers want for free is Titanfall. It was an exclusive for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As a result, users of PS4 are looking forward to the time that it will be playable in their console. This prediction is as well logical knowing the fact that Titanfall 2 hit the stores in November.

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Furthermore, PS Plus Free Games in January could also feature Gravity Rush 2. The release of the game is yet to come, but GameNGuide reported that Sony might release a special demo of the game for PS Plus subscribers.

Also part of the wish list is the action game Ratchet & Clank. Developers released the game back in April 2016. Several months has passed and rumors about it being in the free games next month started surfacing. Although there is no confirmation yet from Sony, it is still something to watch out for.

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Keep in mind that Sony did not actually announce any of these titles. All are pure speculations from gamers across the globe so take all information with a grain of salt.

How about you? What other games do you want Sony to include in PS Plus Free Games in January 2017? Do you think this lineup is already good enough? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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