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PS Plus Free Games September 2016 List: Furi, Prince Of Persia: Revelation, Watch Dogs 2 & More

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Latest PS Plus Games to watch out for
PS Plus Free Games September 2016

September is fast approaching but the rumors surrounding PS Plus Free Games September 2016 have been quite persistent. PS plus gamers also had a blast last July when they had this full line up for free: Furi (PS4), Saints Row (PS4), Fat Princess (PS3), Call of Juarez (PS3), Prince of Persia:Revelation (PSVita), Oreshika:Tainted Bloodlines (PSVita). So this time it will ?include mid-tier and AAA games (a blast from the past!) PS fanatics will go gaga over, if ever the release pushes through this coming September.

The latest buzz implied that there are about three games that stand a chance to becoming part of the club of PS Plus for next month, “Watch Dogs” being one of them. The long-awaited sequel “Watch Dogs 2” is expected to come out this November. This is a good strategy to keep fans excited by having “Watch Dogs”. This first game is absolutely free. The prequel will have a storyline that’s quite different, as well as the protagonist who?ll be playing in the sequel.

PS Plus fanatics are also looking forward to other games included in the list such as “Driver: San Francisco”. It’s really amazing because in this game the dead driver has the ability to possess cars! And since “The LEGO Batman Movie” is about to be released soon, “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” plays a great “appetizer”.

However, before folks get too overwhelmed with PS Plus Free Games September 2016, gamer fans should take note that they can still enjoy downloading the games in this month’s exhilarating list. “Tricky Towers” and “Rebel Galaxy are still there for the PS4 gamers, while fans with the PS3 consoles can still get “Yakuza 5” and “Retro/Grade”.”Patapon 3″ can also still be enjoyed by PS Vita players. Finally, “Ultratron”, which can be played in all platforms of the PlayStation. Indeed, PS gamers and enthusiasts can look forward to more adrenaline-pumping games in the days to come. Enjoy!

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