PS Plus Free Games July 2016: New Leak Again In PlayStation Newsletter?

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PS Plus Free Games July 2016

Last month, Sony accidentally leaked the PlayStation Plus free games for June 2016 in its May newsletter which was sent to all subscribers. Now that June is about to end, fans are eagerly waiting for the PS Plus free games for July 2016. Sony will reveal the full list of free games anytime soon, but based on what the company did last month, fans may get some concrete details before the official announcement.

PS Plus subscribers want to see what?s coming next in their library of free games, and last month Gearnuke helped fans by sharing the leaked details. This month, Sony has not said anything about the PS Plus free games for July 2016, but fans are hoping that Sony commits the same mistake they did last month.

Sony released a newsletter in May for all the PS Plus subscribers to notify them about the PS Plus free games of the month. But the newsletter had some hidden clues that revealed two free games for June, Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing. Gone Home and NB2K16 will be shown if the page fails to load properly.

There have been rumors about next month?s lineup of games. It is said that the new lineup will include Watch Dogs, Assassin?s Creed Black Flag and Evil Within.

Sony usually reveals the upcoming PS Plus free games lineup during the last week of every month. As June is about to end, we expect the company to reveal the details anytime soon.

We still don?t know any of the six titles Sony gives away monthly and contrary to what many thought of, Kill Strain is not a part of the PS Plus July 2016 lineup. Kill Strain is a free-to-play title that both PS Plus subscribers and non-subscribers can play. PS Plus members will only get to play Kill Strain a week early before everyone else.

Sony gave away The Evil Within for PS Plus subscribers in Japan this June. For North America and Europe, there?s no official confirmation available regarding the game?s arrival. Sony?s PlayStation Plus community manager Frannifer on Twitter confirmed that the company will announce the PS Plus free games for July 2016 at the usual time on the company?s official blog.

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