PS Plus Free Games July 2016: AAA Titles Assured As Sony Gains 21M Subscribers?

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PS Plus Free Games

Recently, Sony released its IR Day 2016 document for its Games & Network Services Segment and revealed the number of PlayStation 4 owners and PlayStation Plus subscribers. The document states that PlayStation Plus has almost 21 million subscribers as of Financial Year 2015. Will this signify more extravagant PS Plus Free Games to reward their user base?s support? Here?s the link to Sony?s IR Day 2016 document.

The 21-million subscriber count roughly measures up to half of the 40 million PlayStation 4 units sold by Sony. Sony wasn?t able to generate such numbers through sheer product quality as a yearly subscription is needed to access the multiplayer mode of some PS4 titles. If the players are interested in online play, they?ll have to avail the yearly subscription or be content with offline titles.

Alternatively, Sony also offers free games every month for the subscribers. As long as their Sony console?s memory can hold it, players are free to download the games and they own them forever. Usually, Sony settles for good games from independent developers or old AAA titles. Perhaps Sony could give out slightly aged AAA titles for free to celebrate this milestone. Here are some of our suggestions.


A FromSoftware ?Souls? entry not set in the world of Dark Souls, this game was one of the strong titles back in the console?s infancy in 2015. Bloodborne is a speedier version of the ?Souls? genre due to its evasive moves and weapon variety. Additionally, the game has a mix of gothic horror and Lovecraftian creatures. Fans will definitely be surprised if this title is included in the PS Plus Free Games.

Dark Souls 2

Another Souls entry, this FromSoftware developed game was not helmed by Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The result is a beast that?s different from the first entry, which most fans point out, as seen on this Reddit thread. Despite not being a Miyazaki-directed title, Dark Souls 2 is an improvement of the first game and completes the gap of experience between Dark Souls 1 and 3.

Sony may also give out some of their launch titles next month to commemorate their success such as Killzone Shadowfall and Knack. Killzone Shadowfall has already been given away to subscribers in Japan way back in December 2014, and some would surely be happy to see it get included in Sony?s PS Plus free games July 2016 lineup.

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