PS Plus Free Games December 2016: No Brand New Games Next Month?

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PS Plus Free Games

Gamers have had the free offerings from Sony for November 2016 for a few days already and now, players are probably pretty excited to see what next month?s games are. Sony?s consoles won?t be receiving a slew of big titles next month, and it?s going to be a weak year-ender release of games for Sony. ?But what does that mean for PS Plus Free Games next month?

December 2016 will be a slow month for PlayStation exclusive games. The only big release next month is the much-anticipated The Last Guardian that launches for the PlayStation 4 on Dec. 6. Other games launching on the 6th is Werewolves Within for the PlayStation VR and Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure for PS4 and PS Vita.??

There’s a slim chance?that we’ll get brand new games next month, like how Furi and Dead Star first debuted on Sony’s console as a free game. Sony gives away their free games on the first Tuesday of the month, which is December 6.?

With the month being weak in terms of releases, there?s a chance that Sony might bring in good PS Plus Free Games offerings to make up for the lack of big releases. Sony has been criticized for giving out lackluster games as compared to Xbox One Games With Gold. Undoubtedly, the only good months for PS Plus subscribers this year were in September and October where Journey, Lords of The Fallen, Transformers: Devastation, and Resident Evil HD Remaster were given away.?

With the launch of Watch Dogs 2 this month, players have speculated that the prequel will come to PS Plus as a free game for November. However, Sony didn?t give a AAA title again this month. Releasing the prequel on the instant game collection for December would be pretty good as it goes well with the launch of the sequel later this month.

Fans are hoping that Sony has excellent titles next month to compensate for the lack of big releases. The reveal of the next free games is still a few weeks away from now, so we?ll have to wait awhile to see what Sony has in store for us.

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