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PS Plus Free Games August 2016 Rumors: The Biggest Games To Watch Out For

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While everyone waits for PlayStation Plus to release its much awaited free games for the next month, it seems that Sony unexpectedly listed a game which supposed to be for August 2016. Rumor has it that Sony accidentally released too soon a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

July may still have a couple weeks remaining but the possible free game that the subscribers of Sony gaming service will be availing has been a talk of the town already. This after a game has been added to the list of free game on the store but was removed later on.

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It is speculated that Yakuza 5 was accidentally included in the free games list of the PlayStation Store. Its released caught everyone by surprise especially that it was not initially part of listed free games for the month of July. The game was listed along the freebies for the subscribers and not the Fat Princess game which was officially announced as the free game for July.

Yakuza 5 has been removed already in the list of free games however it stayed for quite sometime before it was actually deleted. So it is safe to assume that some Sony subscribers have already downloaded the game. The game appeared only to the people living in Europe. No such case has been reported in United States.

Yakuza 5 is an action video game which offers five different settings in Japan. These places are Kamurocho, Sotenbori, Nagasugai, Tsukimino and Kin’eicho. The first place will be patterned with Kabukicho. Sotenbori will portray the district of Osaka. Nagasugai will be the Fukuoka. Tsukimino is patterned with Sappro.

The game will be the continuation of the fourth installment which concluded with Kazuma Kiryu changing his identity as Suzuki Taichi and will become a cab driver in Fukuoka. Meanwhile, Taiga Saejima will be imprisoned and Shun Akuyama will be travelling to Osaka.

In the upcoming game, a new character will be introduced named Tatsuo Shinada who happens to be a former baseball athlete before being banned from playing due to involvement with gambling.

On the other hand, some of the rumored games to be released in August are Bloodborne which applicable for PlayStation 4, Gran Turismo, God of War, The Evil Within, NFL 17, and Resident Evil.

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