PS Plus Free Games For August 2016: Free Titles Fans Want From Sony

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Deus Ex

We?re halfway through July 2016, and in just a few more days, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to see what Sony has in store for them as free titles next month. August will be a big year in gaming as there are several huge releases coming next month, and the free titles from Sony might be a good starter to prepare fans for these games. Here are some of the PS Plus Free Games that fans might want for next month.

Resident Evil 5/6

Before the month ends, Capcom will be re-releasing the critically acclaimed PS2 classic, Resident Evil 4, on current gen consoles. This makes almost all main games in the series, except Resident Evil 2 and 3, playable on current gen. To prepare for Leon?s adventure in the fourth installment, Capcom should release either Resident Evil 5 or 6 on the PS4 or PS3 as free titles so players can get their zombie fix while waiting for Resident Evil 4. These two games coming as free titles on the PS4 isn?t too farfetched as Sony allowed Zombi, which was formerly a Wii U exclusive, to become a free offering only a few months after its release.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Also coming out next month is the anticipated Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, launching on August 23. What better way to celebrate the anticipated shooter than by allowing its predecessor, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, to come to PS Plus Free Games next month. Those who missed out on the game would then have the chance to play it before the next entry launches.

Mass Effect

No Man?s Sky is next month?s biggest release, and fans are really excited to get their characters on one of the 18 quintillion planets. Before that, a good starter on space exploration is Mass Effect, which could be included in the PS Plus Free Games. Commander Shepard’s adventures may be too plot-filled as compared to No Man?s Sky, but players can get a good feel of what outer space is like with this series.

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