PS Plus Free Games For April Leaked? What Titles To Expect

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We?re almost nearing the end of March, and gamers are already anticipating and getting excited what new games will come out in April?s PS Plus free games. Sony has yet to release the official list of games that will come out in PS Plus lineup this April. However, reports have indicated that a game has already been identified.

PS Plus Free Games: Dead Star

Joining the PS Plus lineup next month is Dead Star, which has already been confirmed by a representative of PlayStation, according to Gamespot. ?Yes. Dead Star will be added to the April free games lineup for PlayStation Plus members,? the spokesperson told Gamespot.

In Dead Star, you play as a pilot who has just been exiled in the Wastes, which according to the PlayStation blog is ?a black void of scorched metal and irradiated rock a hundred light-years from a habitable space.? Your job is to survive and fight over the control of the prison and become the galaxy?s greatest pilot.

Take a look at a trailer of Dead Star from PlayStation:

MNRDaily shared that other classic remakes rumored to be coming out in PlayStation Plus lineup this April are ?Shovel Knight? and ?Heavenly Sword.?

Triple A title coming soon?

Rumors have also pointed to Sony possibly giving PlayStation players a triple A title some time soon. According to MNRDaily, gamers may have already gave up on Sony giving away these types of games since the company is prioritizing indie and classic titles. Although Sony has yet to give out triple A title games, hearing the possibility of sharing at least one can give us some kind of hope. Triple A titles rumored to be coming out include ?Devil May Cry 4,? ?The Last of Us: Remastered? and ?Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell.?

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