PS Plus Free Games August 2017 Announced; Just Cause 3 and Assasins Creed Makes the Cut

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PS Plus August 2017 announced

It looks like the month of August will be a good one for PS Plus subscribers. Sony just announced the lineup for next month’s free games. And from what we can gather, gamers are in for a wild ride.

August’s lineup for PS Plus free games consists mostly of AAA game titles. Albeit, one of them is just a standalone games for an expansion that was originally released for the game of the same main title.

Just Cause 3

Heading up August’s roster is Just Cause 3. This open-world, action-adventure game is perfect for those who just want to explore, with a bit of danger on the side.

The game follows the adventures of Rico Rodriguez as he returns to his town of Medici, a fictional island in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the whole island is not being controlled by a tyrant and Rico must do his best to dismantle the dictatorship.

Players will be privy with a collection of crazy munitions, gadgets such as wing suits, rocket launchers, grappling hooks and high explosives.

PS Plus August 2017 announced

Just Cause 3 (via

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

As mentioned, this game is a standalone version of an expansion from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flags. Just like in the original expansion, Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry is set 20 years after the events of Black Flags.

The game follows the adventures of Adele as he makes his way to Port-au-Prince and establish the location of the Templars. He then uncovers anomalies and conspiracies within the ruling government of Port-au-Prince. With his information, he then works his way into bringing down the government.

Super Motherload and Snake Ball for the PS3

As for the older console, PS Plus subscribers will have Super Motherload and Snakeball. For those who used the early Nokia mobile phones, you would know that the only form of entertainment is the included Snake game. Snakeball, is basically a 3D version of the original game.

On the other hand, Super Motherload is more of a thriller, science-fiction game set on Mars. Players do the game co-op style as they explore in digs within the planet’s core. As players dig along, they then discover more secrets about the red planet.

Downwell and Level 22 on the PS Vita

For anyone who had been in a situation where arriving late to work is a punishable offence, Level 22 is the game for you. The game follows Gary, an office worker who, after partying all night, arrive to work very late. Afraid of getting a reprimand or getting fired, Gary then needs to make his way into his office at the 22nd floor.

PS Plus August 2017 announced

Downwell (via

Level 22 combines 007-esque gaming style as players hide between cabinets and office machines to avoid getting seen. Of course, on some instances, timing is crucial.

Finally, to complete next month’s lineup, we have Downwell. The game is a vertical scroller and shooter platform developed by Moppin. In this game, players assume the role of a “curious man” as he explores a well in the middle of a local park. He then discovers that this mystical well is plagued with monsters and he needs to purge the well of them. As a reward, players collect precious gems and other treasures.

Still more time to download July’s free games

For those who have not downloaded this month’s games, you still have a bit of time. The August games will be updates on the first Tuesday of the month. Nevertheless, those who just got their PS Plus subscription now should download Until Dawn and Game of Thrones on their consoles right away. For PS Vita users,  Element4l and Don’t Die Mr. Robot are still available. Finally, PS3 users can still download Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection until the end of the month.

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