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Protect yourself and your family against mosquito harm with just a simple tap

This device is portable and works at all corners of your house

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Mosquitoes consider no time when attacking. Anyone is susceptible to the consequences of mosquito bites and exposure regardless of age. They may not be aggressive very often, but nothing beats extra caution. And while there are plenty of ways to counter these insect attacks, let me share with you one of the best and most efficient.

Time to upgrade your loved ones’ protection, use Buy Pluss Mosquito Killer Lamp!

What is Buy Pluss?

The Buy Pluss USB Mosquito Killer Lamp is a portable electric device designed to counter the harm brought by these insects. It keeps you from buying sprays, poisons, and other insect-controlling hacks that may cost you much or cause you some hassle. Don’t feel hesitant about buying this because it’s as effective as other mosquito repellants.

How does it work?

Buy Pluss works in four easy steps. Begin by turning on the killer lamp, and a light attraction trap will ignite the mosquitoes. The lamp will then activate its air fan suction and eventually trap the insect inside its casing. It also comes with a full-screen touch key, making it easier for you to operate even for 24 long hours.

What primary features does it have that captures mosquitoes?

  • 365nm purple human body simulated light
  • Auger-type anti-escape device
    Strong suction fan
  • Low decibel mute Denoise-tech for silent sleeping
  • Widely compatible USB port to power the lamp

I feel unsure about the lamp. Is it safe?
You might be thinking that the light on this insect-killing lamp is harmful. But the truth is, it’s not. Buy Pluss ensures that this product is safe for humans and pets and doesn’t ignite radiation nor intoxication.

Can I take it inside my room?
Absolutely! On top of working 360°, it’s always possible to bring this device wherever you’d want it. It’s light, so you won’t have a hard time transferring.