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Protect your health and enjoy better sleep with this smart humidifier

This smart humidifier can keep the right levels of humidity in your home with ease and convenience

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Summertime is soon over and the colder season is just right around the corner. During the wintertime, the combination of cold air and overheated air indoors can result in skin dryness, nose bleeds and other conditions related to cold weather. This is where the importance of a humidifier comes to play.
Using a humidifier in your home offers several benefits we may not be aware of. Because it helps regulate your home’s humidity, it also calms irritated skin. It also helps relieve allergies, reduce snoring, keep your skin moist, and other amazing benefits.
While we can go on all day discussing how beneficial humidifiers are, not all humidifiers are created the same. And if you’re looking for the best one to use in your home, this smart humidifier from SwitchBot is something you may want to try.

SwitchBot’s Smart Humidifier is not your typical humidifier. While it functions the way an ordinary humidifier does, it does the job more efficiently and can be used more conveniently.

This Smart Humidifier works with Amazon Echo devices, Google Nest products, and Apple HomePod. It can also turn on and off automatically depending on the humidity level determined by the Meter. It also has a powerful performance large tank that can work for up to 48 hours. Releasing 220ml mist per hour max, it can turn humid your room to a comfortable environment in no time!
More features you’ll love:
  • Lower than 36dB
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Auto shut off
  • Auto mode
Other than turning a room or your home into a comfortable environment, humidifiers let you enjoy year-round benefits. Be sure to invest in the best one for your home and give this smart humidifier from SwitchBot a try!

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